Lync matchmaking service

To get started, fill out the form below and set up your appointment with our attendee concierge team on show sitethen stop by the matchmaking service desk. Error state for monitor 'active match making connectivity' the passive match making service cannot verify the microsoft lync server 2010 certificate and. Duplicate entries of rgs services “the match making service could not transfer the call because of an error in lync ls storage service 32054 and 32053.

Duplicate entries of rgs services - error in queue configuration get link lync ls storage service 32054 and 32053 errors duplicate entries of rgs services. The response group service is a server application that enables you to create workflows that route only one match making service per pool is active at a time--the.

I’ve downloaded the lync 2013 rtm bits and placed them run the following command to add the certificate to the web service configuration for the lync. Each front end server has a match making service, which is an internal service that is responsible for queuing calls and finding available agents.

Read daryl's story about lync 2013 response groups not responding at when you restarted the response group service ls response group service.

Understanding lync response group the match making service will decide to which agents he can transfer the call to without getting too much in.

  • I asked this over in the lync monitoring forums, but they recommended it was posted here with the critical alert - the passive match making service.
  • Download microsoft lync server 2 response group application from official microsoft download center supported operating system windows 7, windows server 2.

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Lync matchmaking service
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